Handball Asia

handball Handball is a team game. It is a sport where 2 teams of 6 players compete to pass a ball from one player to another and make it reach the gate. The purpose is to throw the ball in the goal of the opponent team. After 30 minutes, the team with the most goals will win. It is a sport that is popular in many Asian countries.

In the past, many teams played outside but nowadays modern handball is played indoors. There are some important differences between the handball played on different continents. In the Asian handball body contact is quite often and the players are trying to stop the other attackers from reaching that goal. Contact is allowed when the defensive player is reaching the offensive player and in no other situations. When the defender stops the attacking player the game is stopped. In basketball for example, players are allowed to commit infractions. They can make up to 5 fouls in one game. But in handball this is not the case. The game of handball is quite fast because the ball has to be rapidly changed from one player to another in a matter of seconds. Defense is very important but usually errors are punished and players eliminated for some minutes, depending on their fault.

Goals get scored frequently. Both teams can score up to 20 goals in a game and sometimes they can even score 30 goals per team. This kind of score is not uncommon. It is a truly exciting game with many changes that capture your attention. The players also have to be very good at defense but offence as well. They must not allow the attacker to penetrate their defense but at the same time they must be ready for a full attack on them once they get the ball. It can all happen in a matter of 40 seconds or even less because the field is not that big.

Photo credit: Aplomb on Flickr