Handball Rules

rules The rules of handball are not that complicated. These rules are provided through the International Handball Federation (IHF).

The Summary

A handball field resembles the indoor soccer field. There are 2 teams, each having 7 players. There are 6 effective players and one goalkeeper. When they are handling the ball each player has to follow these rules:

  • After getting the ball a player can only hold it for a maximum of 3 seconds and then it has to let it go. They have to pass it or dribble the ball after those 3 seconds.
  • After receiving it, the player can take only a maximum of 3 steps and then dribble the ball. After the dribbling the player can take 3 more steps as well.
  • If one player does not dribble and they take too long they lose the ball. The other team will get the ball then.
  • Within the goal line no players must enter other than the goalkeeper. But one goalkeeper can go outside that space.

Playing field

Handball is played on a 40 meters court long by 20 meters. The goal is for the player to get at the end and shoot at the gate. A six meters line stands between the player and the goal. The dashed line in semicircular mode defines the free throw line.


Each goal is worth 1 point. The goal posts are made of the same material and are wide. The colors of the both goals are the same so that no confusion is made. Once the ball is in the net a point is registered. In some cases a second net is placed to ensure the remaining of the ball inside the goal. Sometimes players throw balls really hard and the net can have problems retaining them.

Photo credit: Tom Vogler on Flickr